Authorized Part Stockist network

Joining the 60strong other Part stockist nationwide, interested business owner who would like to apply and join PESB authorized Part Stockist are welcome here. Working together, the aim is to promote Proton genuine parts and create a strong united business relationship with Proton.

Interested applicants may apply and below are among the general requirements and documentations required to be submitted. Details will be provided upon request. Preferably, please communicate via email and we shall contact you directly.

General Requirements

  1. The business entity must be a registered business organization.
  2. Based at a suitable location

Documentations required

  1. Proof of latest business transaction records/ Audited reports
  2. Bank Guarantee. The amount will be decided based on agreed sales target

Upon receiving your application via email, we shall contact you within three working days for details of your application and processing requirements.

PESB reserves the absolute control and decision from any matters relating to the application and appointment of Part Stockist.